Insulators for electrostatic percipitators


Insulators are the main element of power distribution network. They are used for isolating elements from each other and the elements that are grounded. Porcelain insulators are produced from high quality clay-porcelain material. In our offer you can also find isolators that are designed to work in electrostatic precipitators. Insulator They are characterized by high chemical resistance to the effects of aggressive environment, high resistance capacitive at high temperatures and high strength parameters.

We offer low and medium voltage insulators, which, depending on the destination are divided into:

  • High-voltage line insulators
  • Low-voltage line insulators
  • Transformer insulators
  • Bushings
  • Traction insulators
  • Substation support insulators

Insulators Rotary (driving)

Izolator napędowy - 6 żebrowy
Drive insulator 6-rib INE 6
Izolator napędowy - 6 żebrowy INA 6
Drive insulator 6-rib INA 6
Izolator napędowy - 6 żebrowy INH 6
Drive insulator 6-rib INH 6
Tractive insulator IPH
Tractive insulator IPH
Tractive insulator IPL
Tractive insulator IPL
Izolator napędowy - 4 żebrowy INH 4
Drive insulator 4-rib INH 4
Izolator napędowy - 3 żebrowy INH 3
Drive insulator 3-rib INH 3

Support (retaining) insulator ( suspension )

Izolator stożkowy zawieszeniowy
Isolator conical frame suspension - support

Izolator cylindryczny zawieszeniowy wsporczy
Isolator cylindrical frame suspension - support

Bushing insulators

Bushing insulators
Bushing insulators

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