Fabric expansion joints

This type of expansion joint is primarily used for movements compensation of pipelines and flue gas (air). Max. medium temperature 1250°C. We can build expansion joint in any form..

We may also help in choosing appropriate type of expansion joint which optimally meets its tasks. We use proven technical fabrics of leading European companies for expansion joint production as well as latest production technologies. In case of additional information about fabric expansion joints please contact with our office.

Type 1P
Type 1W
Type 1F
Type 1AB
Type 1WAB
Type 2P
Type 2W
Type 2F
Type 3P no metal casing
Type 3P sheet metal casing
Type 3W
Type 3F
Type 3M
Type 4P
Type 4W
Type 4Z
Type 5P
Type 5AB
Type 5W
Type 5F


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